In this era where people are getting engaged to reduce their weight to carve their fat to look good.  Many people are also there who actually trying to gain weight as they feel like gaining more mass will promote their athletic performance.

Forgetting the reason behind their such intension. Let's try to figure out how one can gain weight to make himself the way he wants. 

Basically, the simplest way to understand the process of gaining mass is that you have to consume more calories than you burn daily. So that's why you need to eat more amount of food Which somehow has to be greater than your burning calories. 

Now you might have a question in your mind that what for those people who usually struggle to eat more and are unable to gain mass? 

Mass gainer supplements are the solution to your query. 

Yes, Mass gainer supplements could be an impressive and also effective way to increase your calorie intake. The supplements rich in proteins, carbs, and other ingredients will provide you the results you are waiting for. 

Here we discuss the 10 best mass gainer supplements that could serve your interest. 

#5 best weight and mass gainer supplements.

Supplement with under 1000 calories per serving

Many people want to gain muscle but are concerned about getting fat too. They may consider the mass gainer supplements which are less than 1000 calories per serving. 

So here is the list of the top 5 mass gainer supplements with under 1000 calories per serving. 

1️⃣ Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer 

Total calories: 650

Amount of Carb: 85 grams

Amount of Protein: 60 grams

Sources: whey, casein, egg 

Fat: 8 grams 

Maximum size available: 10 pounds (4.5 kg) 

Flavors:  Banana, chocolate,  double rich 

Price: $2.46

Optimum Nutrition Pro, an exceptional supplement for gaining weight. Moreover, anything that is rated so highly by the consumers should be considered as one of the best.

2️⃣ Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer

Calories: 601

Carb: 87 grams

Fat: 5 grams 

Protein: 52 grams 

Protein sources: whey and casein 

Maximum size available: 10.6 pounds (4.8kg)

Flavor available: Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana 

Price: $1.73.

This mass gainer supplement provides you 50 grams of protein per serving. And it also maintains a low calorie per serving that prevents you from getting fat. 

In all aspects, this supplement should be chosen for gaining weight. 

3️⃣MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass

Total Calories: 720

Amount of Protein: 50 grams 

Protein source: Beef

Total carbs: 125 grams 

Fat: 2 grams

Largest Size available: 10.5 pounds 

Flavors available: Vanilla Caramel 

Chocolate Fudge,  Butter, Strawberry 

Price : $2.32( approx)  per serving 

With all these ingredients, the supplement can serve you quite brilliantly. Along with protein source, the five grams of added creatine monohydrate makes it more unique. 

4️⃣MuscleTech Mass Tech

Calories: 840

Protein: 63 grams

Protein source: Whey casein 

Carb: 132 grams

Fat: 7 grams

The largest size available: 7 pounds (3.2kg)

Flavor available:  Vanilla, chocolate, Birthday cake 

Price: $2.91 per serving 

Muscle Tech Mass Tech is another supplement that you may look for. The supplement rich in proteins and carbs can boost your muscle. The 10 grams of extra creatine monohydrate makes it more efficient. 

5️⃣ Bodybuilding.com signature Mass gainer 

Total calories: 810

Carbs: 110

Protein: 67

Sources: Casein, egg, whey 

Fat: 10 grams

Maximum size available: 10 pounds (4.5 kg )

Available Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla 

Approximate price per serving: $3 05

Bodybuilding.com signature Mass gainer is one of the higher protein products. It provides you 70 grams of protein per serving. The proteins are a blend of the fast and slow-digesting dairy proteins (especially whey and casein).  Egg protein is also added with it. 

The above five supplements that we discussed are the supplements with less than 1000 calories. These products typically let you take 50-70 grams of protein and nearly 85- 120 grams of carbs per serving. 

Now let's have a look at the products with over 1000 calories per serving 

Basically, supplements with more than 1000 calories are suitable for those who have been facing a tough time gaining weight. This kind of supplement could help them a lot to gain weight.

So here is the list of 5 mass gainer supplements with having more than 1000 calories per serving. 

1️⃣BSN True Mass 1200

Calories: 1210

Protein: 50 grams

Sources of protein: Casein, Whey, egg

Carbs: 213 grams

Fat: 17 grams

Largest size available : 10.4 pounds( 4.7kg)

Flavor available: Strawberry milkshake. Chocolate milkshake, cookies, and cream 

Price: $3.12 ( approximate)

2️⃣Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Total Calories: 1,250

Amount of Protein: 50 grams

Protein source: whey, casein, egg

TotalCarbs: 252 grams

Fat: 4.5 grams

Maximum size available: 12 pounds (5.4 kg)

Flavors available: Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter

Approximate price per serving: $2.71

Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass product has almost twice the calories per serving as compared to few lower-calorie supplements.

3️⃣Evlution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer

Amount of Calories: 1,250

Amount of Protein: 50 grams

Protein source: Whey

Carbs: 250 grams

Fat: 6 grams

Maximum size available: 12 pounds (5.4 kg)

Flavors available: Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate

Approximate price per serving: $2.94

Most mass gainers contain several types of protein, such as casein and whey which basically come from dairy and digested much differently.

Wherever Evlution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer contains only whey known as the faster-digesting protein.

While this doesn’t make this supplement’s formulations stronger or weaker, it’s Just one notable way to differs this product from others listed in this article.

4️⃣MusclePharm Combat XL

Amount of Calories: 1,270

Amount of Protein: 50 grams

Protein source: whey, casein

Carbs: 252 grams

Fat: 7 grams

The largest size available: 12 pounds (5.4 kg)

Flavors available: Vanilla, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Peanut Butter

Approximate price per serving: $3.50

Although MusclePharm Combat XL has an identical formulation to other mass gainers, it has the advantage of being independently tested for banned ingredients.

This product has the Informed-Choice seal of approval which means that both the producing process for the supplement and its actual contents have been tested.

5️⃣Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Calories: 1,280

Protein: 52 grams

Protein source: whey, casein, egg

Carbs: 246 grams

Fat: 9 grams

The largest size available: 12 pounds (5.4 kg) a

Available flavors: Gourmet Vanilla, Chocolate Cake Batter, Cookies & Cream

Approximate price per serving: $2.82

Similar to the earlier mass gainer, Dymatize Super Mass Gainer has the benefits of having the Informed-Choice seal of approval.

It also contains 1 gram of creatine monohydrate per serving.


Higher calorie mass gainer products are 

Often around 1200 or higher calories per serving. These supplements contain nearly 50 grams of protein and 200-250 grams of carbs.

🔹Final words

The mass gainer supplements should be taken only if are unable to consume sufficient calories through food. Otherwise, you don't need to take it. 

But of course, if you choose it, you might definitely need it. And the list that you have mentioned and discussed is surely an excellent product.

Now it's your turn to make decisions whether the supplements are suitable for you or not. Whether it necessary to you or not




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