10 Excellent Ways To Get Relief From Acidity with Natural Home Remidies

 10 Home remedies For Acidity



If you are among those people who love to get a meal with some extra spicy, acidity may have been a troubling issue for your foodie life. The acidity makes your life a horrible one at a time and restricts you to eat more.

We are often asked, "what is the fastest way to cure acidity?" Here we are going to give you full details about what you should eat to reduce acidity immediately.

Today's article is for those whose daily Life getting spoilt due to heartburn or Acidity. Here we will share with you some effective home remedies to get rid of Acidity. So please scroll down and readout.

So at first let's try to understand what is Acidity and what causes Acidity and the symptoms of Acidity. 

◻️What Causes Acidity?

While digesting food, the gastric glands in our stomach secrete acid. And when these gastric glands secrete excess acid, we expertise Acidity.

◻️What are the very common symptoms of Acidity?

👉The most common symptoms of Acidity is pain and burning that would be felt in the chest or throat.

👉Other Symptoms: Hiccups, Frequent burping, difficulty in swallowing, etc.


◻️10 home remedies for Acidity

Now let's have a look here to know about the home remedies that Will help you to get relief from acidity.

1. Coconut water

    For getting relief from Acidity, one can take coconut water as an effective remedy. Having two glasses of coconut water daily might help you to resolve the acidity problem.

    The ingredient fiber that presents in the coconut water helps you soothe your digestive system and protect your stomach from the effects of excess acid production.

2. Cold milk

Cold milk is another easiest home remedies for Acidity. Drinking a glass of cold milk might assist you to get rid of Acidity. It has an ingredient namely calcium prevent acidic build-up in your stomach.

3. Ginger

   Consuming Ginger is considered one of the simplest ways to overcome acidity. Its several digestive and anti-inflammatory properties make it more effective in this regard.

   You can use it variously. You can use it in your cooking or can just chew a slice of fresh Ginger. This way it may work as helpful.

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4. Tulsi leaves

Tulsi is also known as Basil can also make an impact on removing acidity. Leaves of Tulsi is also helpful to soothe the stomach.

You just need to chew 2-3 tulsi leaves or boil them in water and drunk them to get instant relief from Acidity

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5. MinT leaves

Mint leaves or commonly known as pudina are also a productive option of home remedies to get relief from acidity. It has digestive properties and can act as a natural cooling agent too.

     A cup of mint tea is an effective home remedy for heartburn reflux.

For preparing this tea, you need to boil a few mint leaves in water and then drink the water

6. Buttermilk

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Buttermilk is another good option to get relief from Acidity. The lactic acid that presents in the buttermilk helps to normalize the acidity in the stomach.

You can take a glass of buttermilk after any kind of heavy meal to solve the acidity problem.

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7. Chew Gum

It has shown that chewing gum can provide relief from acidity.

Chewing gum leads to an increase in saliva production, which may help to get rid of acidity.

8. Bananas

Apart from being one of the natural remedies for constipation, bananas can also offer you relief from acidity as well. Bananas are rich in potassium as well as fiber content Which helps to bring relief from acidity.

Bananas provide various benefits for the digestive system and work as effective home remedies for acidity.

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9. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon usually Keeps the body hydrated during summers. It can provide you instant relief from Acidity.

       You just have to drink a glass of watermelon juice to get relief from heartburn.

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10. Jaggery

Jaggery is considered another effective home remedy for acidity. It has a cooling effect on your stomach. It assists with the digestive process and provides relief from acidity

After a heavy meal having a small piece of jaggery is an excellent home remedy for Acidity.

Acidity is one of the horror parts of your life and can ruin all your enjoyment. As it can't allow you to eat whatever you want. And thus you won't be able to live your life as you want.

 That's why this article is important for you. These few home remedies will surely give a positive result in your life.

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