We all know that the human brain is the central organ of the human nervous system. Human brain consists of the cerebrum, the brainstem, and the cerebellum. It controls the activities of the body, processing, integrating, and coordinating the information it receives from the sense organs and making decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body.

    So we have to accept the fact that our brain works effectively if it Sharp and powerful.

And this is a very tough one to say that everyone surely gets a sharp and powerful brain. Sometimes that might not be the same for all. So in such situations where you are suffering from low brainpower, what should you need to do? Now Surely you have a question in your mind as there is no single pill that ensures you boost your brainpower.

We have a solution for you

 The food we eat every day can be a good option to boost brainpower. The foods you eat generally play a great role in keeping your brain healthy and sharp. And thus food helps you to improve your memory and concentration. 

    So today in this article we will discuss 10 foods that can improve your brainpower. 

So let's start 

▶️List of foods

1. Fatty Fish 

2. Blueberries 

3. Coffee 

4. Pumpkin seeds

5. Wholegrains 

6. Nuts

7. Eggs

8. Broccoli 

9. Dark Chocolate 

10. Oranges 

Now let's talk about it all in widely. 

🔸 Fatty Fish 

When people talk about brain foods, fatty is often at the top spot. Doctors or nutritionists surely prescribe you to eat fatty fish. 

Fatty fish is a kind of food that includes salmon, trout, and sardines. These all are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids. So by eating fatty fish may provide you the positive health benefits. 

Studies have shown that people who ate baked or broiled fish had more gray( contains most of the nerve cells that control decision making, memory, and emotion) matter in their brain. 

So overall fatty Fish is good food for the improvement of the brain.


Blueberries are another great food that may provide you plenty of health benefits including the brain. 

Blueberries and other deeply colored berries deliver anthocyanins, a group of plant compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

Studies have shown that blueberries help to improve memories and may also delay short term memory loss. 

So try to include it in your breakfast menu.


If you start your day with a cup of coffee, you not just only feel refresh but also it contributes to your brain. Two Main components present in coffee - antioxidants and caffeine is essential to increase brainpower.

Caffeine help u by keeping your brain alert through blocking adenosine (a chemical messenger that makes one sleepy).

 Moreover drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

So coffee could be another good option for your brain.

🔸 Pumpkin seeds

If you searching for brain-enhancing food then there should be a place of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds may enlarge your thinking capacity and also boost memory and mood.

 Pumpkin seeds contain strong antioxidants that save the body and brain from free radical damage. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, copper. These nutrients are very essential for brain health.

So make this food a part of your daily routine. 

🔸 Wholegrains

Wholegrains food may help you to boost concentration and focus.

Without energy, Our body and mind both become useless. Energy is one thing which brings you in the work. And for acquiring the energy, Wholegrain foods like wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, spelled could be unique meal options.

The ability to focus and concentration comes from a sufficient supply of energy from blood to the brain. You can get those adequate amount of energy by consuming Wholegrain food.


Nuts are one of among that food which may help you improve brain function. 

Research has shown that  eating nuts can improve markers of heart health and having a healthy heart is connected with having a healthy brain 

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that eating food that contains an adequate amount of vitamin E could prevent cognitive decline, mostly in the elderly and Nuts are a great source of Vitamin E. 

Another research had found that women who used to eat nuts regularly over several years had a sharper memory, compared to those who didn't eat nuts. 

All kinds of nuts are useful for your brain. Walnuts may have a better edge due to they provide you omega-3 fatty acids. 

Nuts are the source of brain-boosting nutrients. So eat this on regular basis, you may get a great result.


Eggs are an excellent source of several nutrients tied to brain health like vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, folate, and choline. 

Choline is a micronutrient that your body uses to create acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood and memory. 

Studies showed that a higher intake of choline is linked to better memory and mental function. Therefore you can get those adequate amount of choline just by eating eggs. 

B12 is involved in synthesizing brain chemicals and regulating sugar levels in the brain. 


Broccoli is useful for brainpower. It increases the brain's functioning ability. Broccoli which contains vitamin K is very efficient for the improvement of the brain and can enhance cognitive function. 

Broccoli is also packed with powerful plant compounds including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects which may help you to protect against brain damage. 

🔸Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate is rich in brain boosting nutrients including caffeine, flavonoids, and antioxidants. 

The flavonoids in chocolate accumulate in the area of the brain that deals with learning and memory. Research has shown that these compounds may enhance memory and also help slow down age-related mental decline. 

In another research, It had shown that among 900 people, those who ate chocolate more frequently performed better in a series of mental tasks, compared to those who ate chocolate rarely. 


Oranges are the inexhaustible source of vitamin C. You can acquire the sufficient vitamin C you need in a day just by eating a medium orange. As Vitamin C is one of the key factors which helps in preventing mental decline that is why there should be a place for orange on your Dining table .

Along with all this its proven that RESURGE helps a lot to improve brain power.








Here we have discussed a few foods that enhance your brainpower, that sharp your brain. But all those food work in favour of you only if these are maintained properly.



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