In the modern era, most people want to do online marketing business. But just want can't assure you about your success. For this, you need more marketing skills, sophisticated tools that need to be integrated. We can't take benefits from marketing until it is done correctly.

  We all want to get more sales and gather more lead nature into clients. So now want to be a successful marketer with minimum effort, just purchase sociCake Agency.

  Now you definitely have some questions in your mind. What is SociCake Agency? What you will get from it? How it can help you to achieve success in online marketing etc. Don't worry answers to your all queries are here. You just stay with us, we will discuss everything about SociCake Agency to make you understand in detail.

  The first that comes into the mind of everyone that what is the SociCake Agency. So let's know - 

  What is SociCake Agency?

  SociCake Agency Edition is a full-blown Facebook and social media marketing solution for marketers who want to venture into rendering social media agency services to both local and international clients. It is the ultimate solution for online marketing. It consists of all in one Agency Marketing software bundle with 14 tools to 10 times more increase in engagement, traffic, leads, and sales from Facebook and social media. The 14 Agency app that you will get from the SociCake Agency helps you to drive all the traffic around on social media. 

  Now come into the next point. Anything we purchase has a creator, SociCake Agency also has a producer. So let's know about it.

  Who is the creator of SociCake Agency

  SociCake Agency Edition is created by Mario Brown and his Partner Ifiok Nkem.

  Mario Brown is a famous marketing expert, motivational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and a famous selling author. He has great experience in developing tools for marketers. Till today he has created many software that has been helping the marketers continue to get more traffic, engagement, leads, and sales from social media and Facebook. Some of his inventions are EverZippy, Software Commission Magic, Page Builder PRO, etc...

  Details of this product

Product name: SociCake Agency Edition

Product type: Software

Creator: Mario Brown and Ifiok Nkem

Launch date: 5th June 2020

Front end price: $47

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Earlier we have already discussed driving traffic around on social media. So let's have a look at what kind of traffic will you be able to :

Traffic  coming in through Viral Posts

Traffic coming in through Viral Images

Traffic coming in through Like Fanpage Invites

Traffic coming in through Messenger Bots

Traffic coming in through stunning Facebook Ads and Memes

And more...

PLUS, You Get The DFY Social Media Marketing Agency Kit. And this kit here is equipped with the whole shebang

Ready-Made Agency Websites

Professionally Developed Proposals (PowerPoint & Word)

Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates

Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence

Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts

Stunning Facebook Ads Creative

Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts

Now let's talk about its main functionalitie

What will you get from SociCake Agency?

Inside SociCake Agency, you will get 14 tools that are essential for marketing. 

*Tool 1: Facebook messenger broadcasting tool.

*Tool 2: Facebook ads and content designer.

*Tool 3: messenger Bot Builder.

*Tool 4: Rich FB post editor.

*Tool 5: FB lives cast Engine.

*Tool 6: content tool.

*Tool 7: Comment Bot.

*Tool 8: influencer Tool. 

*Tool 9: Post Manager. 

*Tool 10: clickable Images. 

*Tool 11: Calendar Tool. 

*Tool 12: Optin Link. 

*Tool 13: FB Fan Inviter.

*Tool 14: Interest explorer.


Tool 1: Facebook Messenger broadcasting tool

The promotional message broadcasting tool is the most significant marketing tool in the market today. It creates products and service acquaintances very well if it is done correctly. SociCake messenger broadcasting tool does it correctly by including a follow-up message functionality to those who have engaged with your Facebook page to successfully create leads and convert them into sales.

You will be able to send unlimited broadcasts to subscribers across your pages and even in multiple Facebook accounts. All this is done from a single easy-to-use dashboard and in just minutes.

You do not need any special skills to do those, no coding or programming skills are required here

You will simply work with a subset of text in your selected category. And what you do is just to choose the subset and hit them with a text blast.

You can even include images and even call to action components such as a button.

I honestly love this approach so well because of the result. They are really good. 90% open rate, that is huge. And even further, 4 to 10 times higher CTRs in comparison to emails.[MASSIVE]. But it is not a surprise, people check their phones often. And when you compare the statistics just in the US and Canada alone, Messenger is the number one app with over 1 billion active users.

Tool 2:FaceBook Ads And Content Designer

All the materials you need to succeed is included in the SociCake package.

Now with this designer tool, you will have high converting designs in minutes.

This means that you will be able to make exceptional designs that are for Facebook posts, Timeline covers, Facebook Ads, Memes, Viral Quotes, images, etc.

Its design resource is so rich. You will get 1,423 premium designs templates, more than 7.5 million stock designs, More than 450,000 Viral quotes, and much more.

 Tool 3: Messenger Bot Builder

SociCake Agency has a messenger Chatbot that can be customized to your business test. A Chatbot is very essential for any business. Unlike websites, they create an interactive marketing campaign that is necessary for higher conversions.

Therefore, you will have an edge over your competitor with SociCake Agency under your belt.

Even if you are maintaining a local business such as a restaurant, you can use the Chatbot that will be given with SociCake to make reservations. This kind of pre-orders will ultimately increase your proficiency and sales in the long run.

Even better, you can make extra income by providing the chatbot service to other local businesses. Chatbot technology is important and has great fame in the market. You can charge big money for doing it quickly with SociCake.

And since by using other software, creating such a bot requires a lot of work and coding skills. But In the case of SociCake, You will be doing it in just minutes and cash in the money.

It will be very easy for you because the SociCake chatbot comes with 30+ messenger chatbot templates that have been readymade done for you. You can just choose and change the texts.

It is simple to handle and if you are stuck, there is a facility of free training that teaches you to do all that included. But before then, you can check a free demo on this page. It's 100% free to access the SociCake Agency.

Tool 4: Rich FB Post Editor

For conversions, your post needs to be different and interesting. And one way of doing it is by having appealing fonts.

With the FB Post editor tool, you will be able to add Bold Text and much more to make your post stand out from others.

 Tool 5: FB Livecast Engine

It is common knowledge that people pay much more attention to living videos than other ordinary videos out there.

This tool allows you to upload a video that appears life on multiple pages as you want. There is no limit here. All these things are achieved from a single dashboard.

Unlike other tools out there that are implemented by an old technology that requires your computer to be open during the Livestream. But this one is exceptionally good with high-quality technology that open computer is not required to go live.

In Socicake Agency,  everything is done from the cloud. 

 Tool 6:Content Tool

You need to know the content that is currently appreciating by many. By default, Facebook does not show the trending content worldwide.

With this tool, you will be able to get the trending content from where ever it has.

Simply enter the keyword and the tool will search the database of over 100 million articles and get the those that are trending. You will then just have to work with the trending content. Model it and have your post to trend as well. Which will help to increase leads and sales.

Tool 7: Comment Bot

We all know that automation is taking over. It is very powerful. It even becomes more powerful when combining the power of engagement.

Comment Bot will set up an automated response to everyone who comments on your posts. Of-course all based on certain keyword and phrases.

 when this has done correctly will skyrocket your lead generation. Don’t worry there is a guide inside the member's area on how to do that. You can follow the guide to grow your sales and profits to the roof.

Here is a tip that I like with this SociCake Agency Comment Bot.

Create a post and add a question at the end. This question should only be having a limited number of replies.

Of-course the Comment Bot will be the one, implementing all this after the initial setup.

Now the second step is to leave those who have left the comment with a broadcast message that sends them to your offers on your website.

Guess what you have just done.

Turning Facebook post into traffic sucking ad. That is cool. And you will be achieving that without paying any money that has to be paid if the traffic was coming from ads payment.

So whatever business that you want to promote online, you will be able to achieve that without paying for Facebook ads.

Tool 8: Influencer Tool

Maybe you now feel it is time to leverage other people's audiences. It is a good approach. With this SociCake Agency tool, you will find influencers and get them to broadcast marketing messages to their audience

You will have a clean dashboard that will help you analyze stats and content of Influencers.

Tool 9: Post Manager

You will agree with me that this is a vital component part of your Facebook marketing.

With the post manager, you will be able to create posts, schedule them to be published at any preferred time that you want. These posts include link posts, image posts, video posts slideshows across multiple Facebook accounts. And of course call to action posts.

I love this feature that is exclusively in the post manager. And the reason is this. Facebook does not allow anyone to add a call to action button. It is only available with Facebook Ads Manager. But guess what, with post manager, you will be enjoying this functionality to drive traffic to wherever you want and make more leads and sales.

Tool 10: Clickable Images

Until now, the only way to add a link from your image post to your website is to add a description. Which most people don’t read. Unless someone specifically wants to learn more.

But with this SociCake Agency tool functionality, you got covered.

You will be able to turn every image that you post into a viral traffic generation machines for you to direct that traffic to wherever you want.

You can get started today with SociCake Agency and start enjoying unlimited traffic across multiple pages and multiple accounts.

 Tool 11: Calendar Tool

I hope you will agree that organization and creating a proven system that works is very important for business success. The calendar tool will help you organize your marketing content so that you never feel a lack of content for your social media marketing. This is important for planning and scaling. You will get the calendar tool to get ready-made daily curated content ideas

 Tool 12: Opt-in Link

It is no longer a secret that money is on the list. It has never been easier to get an emails list from social media especially an engaged audience like Facebook. Just put things into perspective. How many people click the links on your posts. Perhaps a thousand. How good could it be if you could capture their email and have an email asset that you can sell too?

Tool 13:FB Fan Inviter

This is the tool that will convert your pages likes to Facebook likes.

How does it do?

You know that majority of the people likes post more than they do like a fan page. You may be lucky to have one or a few of your posts to go viral but your fan page remains just very low with very few likes like a new fan page.

So as marketers we know the value of a Facebook fan page. We need to have those people who have liked our post like our fan page.

Facebook does not allow us to do that automatically. Unless you add one by one for each person. We know that approach eats up our most valuable and scarce resource. And that is time.

With SociCake fan Inviter, you will be able to invite all people who like your post to like your fan page in just a single click.

Final verdict :

Socicake Agency edition is the ultimate solution to your social media and online marketing. It consists of all that you need to get success. The 14 tools help you to increase traffic, leads, and sales but it only happens when you properly use them. You don't need to be worried because as we have already discussed that you will get a guide from it from where you can learn everything. In my point of view, you should use this software. You will experience what has not been experienced until today.

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