Nowadays education is everything. The thing which has a strong root level will never bow down so easily. That is the first stage that must be strong and well observed. In this regard alphabet knowledge is the first step of learning for a child. In the first stage, a child learn to identify the words, learn to write a word, learn how to read a word. These three things are very requisite for every child. But our education system gives less amount of attention to the last one that is the word reading capacity of a student. That's why almost 25 million children are unable to read words with proficiency. But if you are a parent and you want to prepare your children strong and efficient from the root level, if you want to improve the reading capacity of your children then please login to the Reading Head Start. 

Now you definitely have a question on your mind 'what is Reading Head Start about? ', why we recommend this for your child? Etc etc... 

Let's clear  your confusion :

Let's discuss this program more widely :

1. What is Reading Head Start :

 Students are facing the challenge of reading. Study shows that more than 25 million children can not read properly. Although reading is an indispensable part of learning for a student. But unfortunately, the current method used in the schools does not teach reading rather it teaches about how to memorize words and word shapes. As many word shapes look almost the same but sounds are different. While memorizing the words it becomes perplexing for every student as the words different in sounds but looks like the same by shapes such as bat and bad. 

The problem of inefficiency in reading is a huge concern for all the parents. And here the reading Head Start comes as a solution for all students and parents. Reading Head Start is online, parents approved an award-winning program that teaches children between the age of 1 to 9. It teaches children how to read using a proven method that focuses on the basement of the English language. This concept is completely different from the current method that has been used in schools. It focuses on teaching the kids every individual letter of the alphabet and the way the sound changes of the letters while added or subtracted with others. For example how 'sit' changes to 'site' By adding the letter 'e'.

2. Is this program teach students only basic English or something else? 

The Reading Head Start is much more than the basic reading lessons. Along with reading head start you get 2 hundred reading lesson plans divided into four different categories with 10 weekly lessons for each. With each week you receive 5 reading activities to do with each focusing on a lesson that is appropriate for that skill level. All the lessons are arranged systematically so that your children can process through the lessons one by one to continue improving their reading skills. What students learn at level 1 on 1st week will help them understand level 1 on 2nd week and so on. Each lesson is strategically assorted and designed keeping in mind the reading skill level and age of the child. One important fact about this program is that it can improve children's skills 5 times more than other children of his/her age. 

Now have a look on the list what you receive with this program  :

👉Lesson plans.printable 

👉200 Reading Lessons 

👉Decodable Passages 



👉Picture Cards

👉Letter Cards

👉Letter Formation 

👉Sound out Card

👉Irregular Word Cards

👉Advanced Phonics Card

All these lessons are taught to children through fun activities, games, Printable, Read-A-Long videos, worksheets, and more are given to make sure the children retain the lessons while also having fun so that they feel encouraged to continue learning. 

3. Who is the creator of the program "Reading Head Start " :

Sarah Shepard, an English teacher is the creator of  Reading Head Start. She is also a wife and a mother of three children. When Sarah Shepard became a mom she realized the need of changes in learning method. She used her education, knowledge and experience to create a scientifically verified method of teaching to the children to improve their reading skills that you get in this program. 

Features and Details of the program :

Features :

👉This app is easy to download from any platform for any operating system. 

👉The user of this app will feel an incredible encounter of it since it doesn't gobble up RAM storage from your smartphone 

👉The app size file is light that is just 15.7 MB

👉This app helps you  to improve your reading skills ability 

👉Unlike the boatable app, this all will not redirect online rather than read your external storage. 

👉Whenever you install the app, you can easily get access to this app. So you can avoid any kind of delay. 


👉Original Released date: 2019

👉Manufacturer: Giant Marketers

👉money-back guarantee

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Let's jump to the summary of this program :

Reading Head Start is an excellent program for learning. It teaches students from the very beginning. Currently, this program helps over 300,000 kids. Many parents and teachers are also using this program. 

   This program has extensive facilities that break down 200 lessons, plans, complete with step by step instructions, activities, games fun videos, worksheets read-a-long videos, and much more. There are four skill levels with 10 weeks of lessons in each, with 5 lessons for each week . It's all arranged with a systematic basis that's ensuring your children's learning and reading skill improvement. 


Each lesson also includes the following things :


👉Activity Type

👉Activity Form


👉Group Size 





👉Step by step instructions will help you to know the specialty of each lesson.

Let's make this program more simple. Let's take an example of what you can expect from different levels and components.

Lesson Example 

Level 1 examples 

Counting words in a sentence (grade k-1)

Blending Syllables Name Game ( Grade k - 1 )

Segmenting Syllables Name Game (Grade k - 1)

Identifying and generating Rhyming words, Body parts game (Grade k) 

Introduce First, Middle and last ( Grade K -1 )

Introduce Sound segmenting Accuracy ( Grade K) 

Level 2 examples 

Introduce Letters ( Grade K)  

Phoneme Substitution with Letters: Sat, Mat, Rat, Bat, Bad, Cat, Bag, Big, Beg, etc ( Grade K) 

Level 3 Examples 

Sounding out Accuracy ( Grade K,1,2, )

Word-Form Recognition Accuracy ( Grade K) 

Irregular Word Fluency ( Grade K, 1, 2, 3 )

Level 4 examples 

Introduce Au, Aw, Al, agh, etc. ( Grade K,1,2 )

Letter combination fluency: Your... Where ( Grade K, 1, 2, 3 )

VCe Rule Fluency ( Grade k, 1, 2 )

Introduce multiple irregular Words: Show, Small, Large, Even, Here, Why, etc ( Grade K,1,2,3 )

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Tools that are available

Downloadable Picture Card 

Downloadable Letter Cards 

Letter Formation: Teacher's guide 

Downloadable Sound Out Cards 

Irregular Word Cards

Advanced Phonics Cards 

Read-A-Long video course 

The cat on the Mat + Worksheet

Dan and a van + worksheet

Dan and His cap+ worksheet

Pet in a jet+ worksheet

Decodable Books

50 Downloadable Books worksheet.

6.Our Judgement :

Reading Head Start is an award-winning program that teaches children between the age of 1 to 9. We already have discussed its specialty. We already inform you that almost 300,000 students, teachers, and parents have been using this. This figure is something that can't be negligible. So if you are also concern about the learning method of your children, if you think your children should get the Best education you must take benefits from Reading Head Start. The result you get after using this program will surely make you happy.

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