PERPETUAL INCOME 365 REVIEW

Today almost every person does various online business. Some of them became successful and some are in the process. But if you are a beginner and you want to start an affiliate marketing business then you should see this carefully. Here we will try to make you understand Perpetual Income 365 - an affiliate marketing package, its features, how can you get the benefit of it, what it provides you, etc... 

So let's start...

First of all, you have to know about Perpetual Income 365.

1. What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing software or package which includes ready-made squeeze pages of your own choice, web hosting of these pages, a guide to solo ad traffic, and an email follow up sequence for 31 days. 

   At the very beginning, you have to sign up with ClickBank that is with the affiliate network and Get Respond that is an email marketing service to get ready for work. Once you completed the signup process with both, they can get connected to your Perpetual Income 365 squeeze page just in a single click of a bottom. That's it. The software provides your page URL, which will be prepared for you to enhance. 

When a visitor likes your squeeze page and decided to sign up with you, the visitor will be immediately directed to the Perpetual Income 365 sales page. If the visitor makes a purchase from your sales pages, you will get a share of it. For purchase, if the visitor gets charged $47 from which you will automatically receive 50% of it as your commission. When the purchase is done they will automatically start receiving your email manages from your GetResponse account which is already prepared by you. They will receive 31 emails for the next 31 days in a systematic manner. They will receive one email per day. But there also have a small condition. They will be received until they connected with you. If they unsubscribe you they stop getting emails. 

You need to pay for your own traffic. How you manage traffic is completely your responsibility. Some solo ad traffic service will be recommended by the PI365. The cost of which anywhere between $40 -$100 per 100 visits. 

Now let's get introduced with the creator of the PI365.

2. Who is the creator of the Perpetual Income 365? 

Shawn Josiah is the developer and creator of the Perpetual Income 365. Shawn Josiah is a successful 7-figure affiliate marketer. Shawn Josiah has generated over $500,000 in sales last year alone on ClickBank. 

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What is very good at Perpetual Income 365?

πŸ‘‰Automatic Email Swipes

When people purchase from your sales page they will immediately start to receive 31 emails for the next 31 days continuously. For this, you don't need to do the hard work to prepare these emails. The PI365 automatically sends it to your visitors. This system really helps the beginner and saves a lot of time. 

πŸ‘‰Ready-Made Squeeze page Integration 

 You may find A huge no of ready-made squeeze pages available freely on the place but can't get the benefits of setting up the job. Linking them with affiliate marketing pages and  GetResponse account can be complicated for some new beginners. PI365 has been developed and particularly proven by Shawn. He has created a system through which setup will be done for you.

πŸ‘‰Easy Dashboard 

PI365 provides you a simple and easy dashboard. You just need to start from top-bottom -Integration, Money, and Traffic crusher. And then there are brief video instructions at each step.

πŸ‘‰Introduction To solo ad traffic 

Shawn gives you the introduction to solo ad traffic as very briefly, he explains the meaning of solo ad traffic and also recommends some sellers. If anyone has zero knowledge about it, they can find it useful. 

Negative features 

πŸ‘‰Difficulty in perpetual income 365 Refund claiming.

Almost in every software program, the programmer gives an option to his customers to claim a refund but here it is asked to the newly joined members not to claim a refund. Shawn Josiah clearly says that the people who ask refund are 'abusers' and 'cheap people'. But he assured that a real serious customer will not feel the need for any refund. He will get 100% satisfaction.

πŸ‘‰ No Flexibility 

Perpetual Income 365  will not avail of any learning opportunity as it is already done for you. 

The package includes a 25minutes video by Shawn just to train your mind. But within this short period, you will not be able to learn the whole mechanism. For this, you need to be a self-learner. 

How much will Perpetual Income 365 cost you? 

The cost of it totally depends on you. The more you can afford to pay for the traffic, the more possibility of making sales you will have.

Details of this product 

Product name: Perpetual Income 365

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Creator: Shawn Josiah

Price: $47 per Month 

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Pricing system 

Your perpetual income 365 user cost: $47/month 

GetResponse monthly fee: according to Shawn Josiah GetResponse is totally free but the actual truth is that you will be offered 30 days free trial and then you have to pay starts from $12/month

Solo ad traffic fee: $40-$100 to generate 20-50 leads(subscriber).

From here you can see the whole scenario in two different viewpoints 

First viewpoint

* The worst case Scenario: 

Spending as little as possible you will have to pay the monthly fee of PI365 that is $47 +GetResponse Monthly fee that is $12+ $40 for a solo ad. After adding all the amount you will get $99. That means you spend $99 every month just to generate 20 to 25 leads without making any sales. In this way your loss $99 per month with zero benefits.

2nd viewpoint 

* The optimistic case scenario :

Spending as little as possible here also you have to spend the same amount. But here you can generate 50 leads. Among these 50 subscribers, at least 6 or 7 of them purchase the product. Now from here, you can receive a 50% commission on $47*7 = $117.50, which will help you to pay your monthly cost. 

4 Solo ad traffic source that Shawn mentioned. 


#Traffic for me

#Wayne Crowe

#Roy Tay

Before buying traffic from any of them, you can google them. It is better to know before purchasing this.

60 days Money Back refund Guarantee : 

The 60 days money refund policy is unclear. There also have two reasons for such confusion 

The sales page says " If you don't make any cash in 60 days, you can request a refund. No questions were asked. " But it also says "If you don't make money in the next 60 days after applying what we thought ", they will refund your money for this you have to give the answer to some questions.

Even though you will be asked to no claim any refund you don't need to face such problems as your purchase will be covered by ClickBank's 60-day refund policy. 

According to our suggestion if you are not satisfied with this product you should claim a refund through your ClickBank receipt. Although you will never be able to make any purchase from this seller.

Our verdict :

It already has been discussed that PI365 is a well-arranged program that helps a beginner immensely. Here you don't need to set up anything. If you use this you don't need to be an expert on affiliate marketing. So if you are a beginner and want to start an affiliate marketing business you should purchase it.

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